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මෙන්න මගෙන් Cybelink Power DVD 12 Final Repack

ආයුබෝවන් යාලුවනේ මෙන්න අද දවසේ ජයග්‍රාහී  තෙවැනි ලිපිය...  

Cybelink Power DVD 12 නවතම සංස්කරණය දැන් මම ඔයාලට දෙන්න ආවා එහි විශේෂ ගුණාංග රැසකි..

  • TrueTheater ™ technology to improve the quality of reproduction.
  • Technology TrueTheater Stabilizer and TrueTheater Noise Reduction to suppress the digital "noise."
  • Components of TrueTheater HD, TrueTheater Motion, and TrueTheater Lighting for high-definition picture and increased color saturation.
  • TrueTheater Surround technology to optimize sound audio tracks.
  • Cyberlink TrueTheater 3D technology to transform the usual "two-dimensional" video in 3D-format.
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD integration with social networks Facebook and Twitter, convenient access to the online community
  • with the ability to post comments in the review.
  • PowerDVD allows you to transfer media content from your phone to a computer over a wireless home network with Apple and Android devices.
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD playback of all formats, including MKV (H.264), FLV (H.264), WTV, 3GP and 3G2.
  • Zoom image, continuous playback of the selected scene, setting markers to quickly find the desired scene, remembering when to stop viewing, support for mouse scroll wheel, fast, etc.
  • Simultaneous subtitles in both languages.
  • Convert video format (16:9 or 4:3).
  • Frame capture file formats: bmp, gif, jpg and png.
  • Various modes of Cyberlink PowerDVD for surround sound and deep.

තව මොන කතාද මෙන්න එහෙනම්..

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