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2014 වර්ෂයේ නොමිලේ දෙන හොදම Windows Apps 5.

ආයුබෝවන් යාලුවනේ මෙන්න මම ගානේ අලුත් ලිපියක්... 

අද මම දෙන්න අවේ වින්ඩොව්ස් ෆෝන් තියෙන අයට වැදගත් දෙයක්.. 2014 වසරේදී හොදම Windows Phone App 5 ... එහෙනම් මෙන්න ඒ ගැන... English වලින් පොඩි විස්තරයකුත් මෙන්න...

It converts your smart phone to a scanner, so that you scan, sync, edit, share and manage various contents on all devices. It is of great use for students, individuals, small businesses, schools, organizations, and governments.

You can use this most loved communication app with Wi-Fi connection or 3G mobile internet to make video calls or send instant messages to your dear and near ones, no matter where they are.

In the earlier times, it was not so easy to find the local services, such as bars, taxi companies, restaurants, and takeaways. The yell app has made the things simple as it helps to find local businesses and service providers from the Yellow Pages. It is very easy to operate – all you need is to activate the GPS and it will automatically find you the local places of interest. 

TuneIn Radio:
This wonderful app has opened a new way to those who still appreciates radio. The app boasts well over 100,000 stations, including local favorites as well as national broadcasts, music, sports, news or current events. 

It is great photo editing app, which is filled with more than 40 filters and is capable to combine lots of borders and 72 light effects in a numerous ways to help you achieve unique looks. 

කැමති අය Download කරගන්න.. එහෙනම් මම ගියා අදහස් දාලාම යන්න හොදේ...

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